Tuesday, January 10, 2017


More instructables and videos are in the works, but for the last few weeks I'm spending my free moments building a corner bench for the dining room.  Here are some sneak peeks which I hope to explain in more detail later.  I love this photo of the bench in progress because it illustrates the challenge of doing woodwork in a limited space:
This is the reason (almost) everything in my shop is on wheels.
Here's a preview of some tricks I want to share soon:

 The bench has lids with piano hinges that needed to be trimmed with beveled edges:

I'm match-drilling and pinning the seats to the base so I can dress it all up in the installed condition in the garage, then tear it down and reassemble in the dining room later.

Chip's wood shop selfie- actually I'm using the phone to sight holes from underneath that I can only reach with one arm:

As I say, more to come, but I wanted to let interested people know that Chip's wood shop is busy getting lots more ready to share!

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