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  1. Do you do custom orders? What I have in mind would look a lot like one of your clock cube, only it would feature a round magic lantern slide with a light inside.

    1. What size is your slide? You can e-mail me directly at chip@chipswoodshop.com.

  2. Hi Chip, I just took a peek at your video that shows the Shopsmith table brace. Pretty good idea. Another way to stabilize the saw table is to run the headstock and saw table to the right and up against the extension table. that adds at least 50% more stability in my opinion. Also, I always support the rip fence with a clamped strip of wood in line with the quill. Usually clamped to both tables. I was a Shopsmith Academy instructor for 5 years way back when the company had regional retail outlets and instructional classes and seminars. Keep up the good work. Rod Wheeler shakerj279@aol.com